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About JINS MEME Academic Pack

JINS MEME Academic Pack is intended to be used in research by academic institutions and is able of capturing the raw data from the EOG and 6-axis sensors.

Sampling Frequency of Sensors 100 Hz 100 Hz
Data Transmission Frequency via Blutooth Low Energy 20 Hz 50/100Hz

Types of data that can be obtained from JINS MEME Academic Pack

Mode type Detail Frequency EOG Acc Gyro Quaternion
Standard Mode Mode to acquire Acc at frequency and EOG at twice the frequency 50/100hz(EOG x2) o o - -
Full Mode Mode with the most data species 50/100hz o o o -
Quaternion Mode to get quaternions 50/100hz - - - o

SDK for JINS MEME Academic Pack


Signal processing


Sample data

The following is a sample of the EOG signal(blue:Vv, red:Vh) at 100 Hz during blinking and eye movement. Since a band pass filter is applied in the analog circuit, the waveform of eye movement is not stepped but converges gently.


CSV file (excerpts)


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