Getting started


In order to develop and distribute a JINS MEME application, you will need to obtain your own App ID and App Secret. Please set up a JINS account, and create your app. Please note that you will need to specify your App ID and App Secret in the MEMELib setAppClientId argument. MEMELib will not operate without authentication.


JINS MEME is designed to be used from multiple apps in one android device at the same time. So when developing your app, you need to consider that it will likely be used with other apps at the same time. This means that while your app are receiving realtime data in background, this data reporting can be stopped by other app.

Command results can be received from other apps

The JINS MEME SDK does not allow commands to be run in the background. However, it is possible to receive data from JINS MEME even if they are in the background. Please note that the SDK is designed in such a way that you may unexpectedly receive execution results for commands that you did not execute.

Reconnecting to a disconnected session

There will be times during the course of your day when JINS MEME disconnects, such as when you put down the cell phone that is connected to JINS MEME to leave the room momentarily. JINS MEME automatically reconnects when there is an unexpected disconnection so that JINS MEME does not need to be advertised and scanned each time this happens.

Starting and stopping communication in the background is not permitted

As JINS MEME is capable of connecting to multiple applications simultaneously via the SDK, the application is not capable of controlling MEME in the background.