Google Drive Share


It is possible to configure settings to automatically save measured data to Google Drive.

How to set up

  • Tap the Settings button at the bottom of the screen, then tap the button switch for Google Drive share.
  • (iOS only) Tap Continue when asked for permission to access external sites.
  • Select Google Account or Add Account and select the account you wish to link.
  • Logger will create a folder directly under My Drive and write CSV to it. The Logger creates a folder directly under the My Drive and writes CSV to it, and no other folders can be accessed.


How to use

  • When Google Drive settings are turned on, CSV files are automatically linked to the following folders when they are created.
    • iOS: My Drive/JINS_MEME_LOGGER
    • Android: My Drive/JINS_MEME_LOGGER_ANDROID
  • If the network is disconnected at the time of saving, the files will not be linked.