Overview of Service Types

You can use Web APIs that use the data measured by the JINS MEME app and SDKs that connect directly to the JINS MEMEdevice for direct processing.

ServicePlatformPurposeData type
Web API (Data)HTTP communication librariesUse the data measured by the JINS MEME app and fetch the time trend data to external services.- 15 second interval data(ex. concentration, calmness, tension, awakeness, steps, cadence, tilt(x,y), walking vibration(x,y,z))
- 60 second interval data(The above data exclude mental indicators: concentration, calmness, tension and awakeness.)
Web API (Webhook)HTTP communication librariesUsing data measured by the JINS MEME app, triggers are sent to external services when certain conditions are met.- Set a threshold value for 15-second interval data
(ex. concentration, 50% weighted-average, over 60pt, minimum trigger interval 120s)
It is used to connect to the JINS MEME device via Bluetooth to obtain data directly and make sense of the data by the developers themselves.- currentData(20Hz blink, eye movement, accelaration, oyler angle
- summaryData(second interval data, intermediate value before being converted to biometric data)