Data definition

Axis Definition of Motion Indicators

axes definitions

Regarding the angle, drift (value changes at a constant rate) and hump (small bumps in the value) occur due to the characteristics of the sensor.

Static and Gait indicators

  • Among the data that can be measured by JINS MEME, the Static indicator is an indicator that is valid only when there is no walking, touching the glasses with the hands, chewing, etc. When data is measured under conditions other than those mentioned above, it may be detected as a noise flag, output inaccurate values, or not detected. Please note that when measurement is made under conditions other than those mentioned above, it may be detected as a noise flag, output inaccurate values, or not be detected. summaryData is cleansed to remove any suspicious signals.
  • The Gait indicator in the data that can be measured by JINS MEME is the data that can be obtained while walking. Please note that JINS MEME cannot accurately measure vibration and movement patterns other than walking.

20Hz data(currentData)

Data can be acquired at approximately 20 Hz. This mode is suitable for immediate acquisition and analysis of precise data such as controller. This data is generated only when JINS MEME and a smartphone are connected via Bluetooth.

iOS/Android/Nodejs/LoggerType(iOS/Android)Type(Nodejs)DescriptionValue Range
blinkSpeed StaticIntNumberBlink speed, eye closing time(mSec)0-400(ordinary 90−180)
blinkStrength StaticIntNumberBlink strength(uV-equiv)0-1000(ordinary30−150)
eyeMoveUp StaticIntNumberEvent when the eye moves up.0: none
1: min-7: max
eyeMoveDown StaticIntNumberEvent when the eye moves down.0: none
1: min-7: max
eyeMoveLeft StaticIntNumberEvent when the eye moves left.0: none
1: min-7: max
eyeMoveRight StaticIntNumberEvent when the eye moves right.0: none
1: min-7: max
rollFloatNumberDegrees indicating the roll component (left-right tilt) of the attitude angle-180.00 - 180.00
pitchFloatNumberDegrees indicating the pitch component (fore-back tilt) of the attitude angle-180.00 - 180.00
yawFloatNumberDegrees indicating the yaw component (horizontal rotation) of the attitude angle0.00 - 360.00
accXFloatNumberX-axis component of acceleration (left/right)、1G=16-128(-8G) - 127(7.9375G)
accYFloatNumberY-axis component of acceleration (fore/back)、1G=16-128(-8G) - 127(7.9375G)
accZFloatNumberZ-axis component of acceleration (up/down)、1G=16-128(-8G) - 127(7.9375G)
walking(isWalking) GaitbooleanNumberDetection of one step when heel touches the ground (flagged 0.15~0.25s after detection)0/false: no step
1/true: step
noiseStatusbooleanNumberInteger value representing the noise condition of the electrode0/false: low noise
1/true: high noise
fitErrorIntNumberJINS MEME is actually worn or not, determined once every 5 seconds by movement0: worn
1: not worn
powerLeftIntNumberInteger value representing remaining battery capacity0: In charging
1: Empty-5: Full
sequenceNumber(seqNo)IntNumberCirculant sequential integer from 0-2550-255

※Nodejs will be nodejs-sdk Type (in nodejs, boolean is an integer value due to internal structure issues).

15-second interval data (logicIndexData)

The 15-second interval data is the most granular data that outputs biometric indicators. This data is generated only when JINS MEME and a smartphone are connected via Bluetooth. ※”When running sub-applications”, “Normalized”, “sub-index” and “RT algorithm in operation” may not be recorded.

LoggerAPIType(API/CSV)DescriptionValue Range
datedateStringmeasurement date2000-01-01T00:00:00 - 2099-12-31T23:59:59
stepCount GaitstpNumber(int)Step count0-255
stepCadence GaitcadNumber(float)Cadence(pitch)0-255
isStillislBoolean / Number(int)Still (not wearing) judgmenttrue: not wearing (still) false: wearing (not still)
noiseTimenis_timeNumber(float)noise time0.00 - 15.00
isValidvldBoolean / Number(int)Data validity at rest (noise less than 3 seconds and steps less than 5)true: valid false: invalid
xMeantl_xavNumber(float)Mean tilt X (degree)-180.00-180.00
xSDtl_xsdNumber(float)Standard deviation of tilt X (degree)0-655.36
YMeantl_yavNumber(float)Mean tilt Y (degree)-180.00-180.00
ySDtl_ysdNumber(float)Standard deviation of tilt Y (degree)0-655.36
pitchOnewayCounthm_poNumber(int)Number of neck flips (back-forth)0-255
pitchRoundCounthm_prNumber(int)Number of slow neck flips (back-forth)0-255
yawOnewayCounthm_yoNumber(int)Number of neck flips (right-left)0-255
yawRoundCounthm_yrNumber(int)Number of slow neck flips (right-left)0-255
xRightStepAmplitude Gaitsa_xrNumber(float)Walking vibration X(cm,right foot)0.00-16.00
xLeftStepAmplitude Gaitsa_xlNumber(float)Walking vibration X(cm,left foot)0.00-16.00
yRightStepAmplitude Gaitsa_yrNumber(float)Walking vibration Y(cm,right foot)0.00-16.00
yLeftStepAmplitude Gaitsa_ylNumber(float)Walking vibration Y(cm,left foot)0.00-16.00
zRightStepAmplitude Gaitsa_zrNumber(float)Walking vibration Z(cm,right foot)0.00-16.00
zLeftStepAmplitude Gaitsa_zlNumber(float)Walking vibration Z(cm,left foot)0.00-16.00
zLeftStepAmplitudeCal Gaitsa_zrcNumber(float)Walking vibration Z corrected (cm,right foot)0.00-20.00
zLeftStepAmplitudeCal Gaitsa_zlcNumber(float)Walking vibration Z corrected (cm,left foot)0.00-20.00
maxRightStepAcceleration Gaitst_rNumber(float)Maximum landing strength average (G, right foot)0.00-8.00
maxLeftStepAcceleration Gaitst_lNumber(float)Maximum landing strength average (G, left foot)0.00-8.00
sleepScoreStandard Staticsc_slp_stdNumber(float)Low wakefulness score (normal), index of “eye trance” based on blink strength/rate and partial blink interval0(high wakefulness)-100(sleepy), invalid: -1
sleepScore Staticsc_slpNumber(float)Corrected for low alertness score (when driving) and driving posture (looking straight ahead)0 (high wakefulness) -100 (sleepy), Invalid: -1
focusScore Staticsc_fcsNumber(float)Indicates “sustained attention to a task” using immersion score and blink interval0(low immersion)-100(high immersion), Inactive: -1
tensionScore Staticsc_tsnNumber(float)Tension score, an index of “eyes wide open” using blink strength0(low tension)-100(high tension), Invalid: -1
stabilityScore Staticsc_clmNumber(float)Stability score, an index of “stable state without external or internal stimuli” using blink strength0(not calm)-100(calm), Invalid: -1
distancedistanceNumber(float)When running sub-applications: distance traveled since last section (m)0-5000
latitudelatNumber(float)When running sub-applications: latitude-180 - 180
longitudelngNumber(float)When running sub-applications: longitude-90 - 90
appMeasurementStatusapp_measurement_statusNumber(int)sub-app operation status flag0: Non-APP measurement 2: Run measurement in progress 3: Run paused 8: Drive measurement in progress 12: Drive paused 32: Focus measurement 48: Focus paused
nptMean Staticnpt_avNumber(float)NPT (effective blink rate) average-0.999 - 0.999
nptMedianStaticnpt_medNumber(float)NPT(Effective blink rate) median-0.999 - 0.999
nptSD Staticnpt_sdNumber(float)NPT standard deviation0-0.999
blinkWidthMean Staticbkw_avNumber(float)Blink speed mean(mSec)0-300
blinkStrengthTotal Staticbkh_sumNumber(float)Blink strength sum(uV-equiv)0-10000.0
blinkStrengthMax Staticbkh_maxNumber(float)Blink strength max(uV-equiv)0-1000.0
blinkStrengthSD Staticbkh_sdNumber(float)Blink strength sd(uV-equiv)0.00-1000.0
blinkStrengthMean Staticbkh_avNumber(float)Blink strength mean0-1000.0
blinkIntervalTotal Staticbki_sumNumber(float)Blink interval sum(s)0-120.0
blinkIntervalCount Staticbki_nNumber(int)Number of blink interval0-120
blinkIntervalMean Staticbki_avNumber(float)Blink interval mean0.00-60.00
blinkCount Staticbk_nNumber(int)Number of blink0-120
blinkCountRaw Staticrbk_nNumber(int)Number of blink(Raw)0-255
eyeMoveUpCount Staticre_uNumber(int)Eye movement count(up, Raw)0-255
eyeMoveDownCount Staticre_dNumber(int)Eye movement count(down, Raw)0-255
eyeMoveRightCount Staticre_rNumber(int)Eye movement count(right, Raw)0-255
eyeMoveLeftCount Staticre_lNumber(int)Eye movement count(Left, Raw)0-255
cummulativeTimecum_timeNumber(int)Cumulative normalizing time(s)0-4294967296
blinkIntervalMeanWA Staticbki_av_waNumber(float)Normalized blink interval mean0.00-60.00
blinkStrengtnSDWA Staticbkh_sd_waNumber(float)Normalized blink strength sd0.00-1000.0
blinkStrengthMeanWA Staticbkh_av_waNumber(float)Normalized blink strength mean0-1000.0
nptMeanWA Staticnpt_av_waNumber(float)Normalized NPT mean-0.999 - 0.999
nptSDWA Staticnpt_sd_waNumber(float)Normalized NPT sd0-0.999
blinkWidthMeanWA Staticbkw_av_waNumber(float)Normalized blink speed mean0-300
nptScore Staticsc_nptNumber(float)Sleepiness sub-index: NPT score0-100, Invalid: -1
btsScore Staticsc_btsNumber(float)Sleepiness sub-index: BTS score0-100, Invalid: -1
lbsScore Staticsc_lbsNumber(float)Sleepiness sub-index: LBS score0-100, Invalid: -1
legacyZone StaticzoneNumber(int)RT algorithm in operation: zone value0-100, Invalid: -1
legacyFocus StaticfocusNumber(int)RT algorithm in operation: focus value0-100, Invalid: -1
legacyCalm StaticcalmNumber(int)RT algorithm in operation: calm value0-100, Invalid: -1
legacyPosture StaticpostureNumber(int)RT algorithm in operation: posture value0-100, Invalid: -1
cursorcursorStringStarting position to retrieve the next record if any. 

60-second interval data (summaryData)

This mode is suitable for monitoring status changes over a long period of time, allowing data to be acquired once per minute.

iOS/Android/LoggerAPI/NodejsType(API/CSV)DescriptionValue Range
dateN/AString日付1970-01-01T09:00:00 - 2106-02-07T06:28:16
N/AutNumber(int)UNIX TIME0-4294967296
validDurationval_sNumber(float)Measuring seconds(s)0.00-60.00
noiseDurationnis_sNumber(float)Electrode nsoise seconds(s)0.00-60.00
fitDurationwea_sNumber(float)Wearing seconds(s)0.00-60.00
walkingDurationstp_sNumber(float)Walking seconds(s)0.00-60.00
powerLeftblNumber(int)Battery level0: In charging
eyeMoveHorizontal Staticems_rlNumber(int)Small eye movement count(right, left)0-255
eyeMoveVertical Staticems_udNumber(int)Small eye movement count(up, down)0-255
eyeMoveBigHorizontal Staticeml_rlNumber(int)Large eye movement count(right, left)0-255
eyeMoveBigVertical Staticeml_udNumber(int)Large eye movement count(up, down)0-255
headMoveVerticalCounthm_poNumber(int)Number of neck flips (vertical)0-255
headMoveHorizontalCounthm_yoNumber(int)Number of neck flips (horizontal)0-255
walkingVibrationRightX Gaitsa_xrNumber(float)Walking vibration X(cm,right foot)0.00-16.00
walkingVibrationLeftX Gaitsa_xlNumber(float)Walking vibration X(cm,left foot)0.00-16.00
walkingVibrationRightY Gaitsa_yrNumber(float)Walking vibration Y(cm,right foot)0.00-16.00
walkingVibrationLeftY Gaitsa_ylNumber(float)Walking vibration Y(cm,left foot)0.00-16.00
walkingVibrationRightZ Gaitsa_zrNumber(float)Walking vibration Z(cm,right foot)0.00-16.00
walkingVibrationLeftZ Gaitsa_zlNumber(float)Walking vibration Z(cm,left foot)0.00-16.00
landingStrengthRightMaxAvg Gaitst_rNumber(float)Maximum landing strength average (G, right foot)0.00-8.00
landingStrengthLeftMaxAvg Gaitst_lNumber(float)Maximum landing strength average (G, left foot)0.00-8.00
slopeXAvgtl_xavNumber(float)Mean tilt X (degree)-180.00-180.00
slopeYAvgtl_yavNumber(float)Mean tilt Y (degree)-180.00-180.00
slopeXStdtl_xsdNumber(float)Standard deviation of tilt X (degree)0-655.36
slopeYStdtl_ysdNumber(float)Standard deviation of tilt Y (degree)0-655.36
highSpeedStepsNum Gaitstp_fstNumber(int)Step count(High 280-370ms)0-255
middleSpeedStepsNum Gaitstp_midNumber(int)Step count(Mid 380-440ms)0-255
lowSpeedStepsNum Gaitstp_slwNumber(int)Step count(Low 450-590ms)0-255
ultraLowSpeedStepsNum Gaitstp_vslNumber(int)Step count(Extra-low 600-1000ms)0-255
nptAvgWeak Static weak cleansinglc_npt_avNumber(float)NPT (effective blink rate) average-0.256 - 0.256
weakBlinkSpeedAvg Static weak cleansinglc_bkw_avNumber(int)Blink speed mean(mSec)50-306
weakBlinkSpeedStd Static weak cleansinglc_bkw_sdNumber(float)Blink speed sd(mSec)0-51.2
weakBlinkStrengthAvg Static weak cleansinglc_bkh_avNumber(int)Blink strength mean(uV-equiv)0-512
weakBlinkStrengthStd Static weak cleansinglc_bkh_sdNumber(float)Blink strength sd(uV-equiv)0-51.2
weakBlinkCount Static weak cleansinglc_bk_nNumber(int)Number of blink0-255
weakBlinkSwarmCount Static weak cleansinglc_bkg_nNumber(int)Number of times multiple blinks occurred within 1s0-255
weakBlinkIntervalAvg Static weak cleansinglc_bki_avNumber(float)Blink interval mean(s) *RMS average from FW2.2.00-51.2
weakBlinkIntervalCount Static weak cleansinglc_bki_nNumber(int)Number of blink interval0-255
nptAvgStrong Static strong cleansingsc_npt_avNumber(float)NPT (effective blink rate) average-0.256 - 0.256
strongBlinkSpeedAvg Static strong cleansingsc_bkw_avNumber(int)Blink speed mean(mSec)50-306
strongBlinkSpeedStd Static strong cleansingsc_bkw_sdNumber(float)Blink speed sd(mSec)0-51.2
strongBlinkStrengthAvg Static strong cleansingsc_bkh_avNumber(int)Blink strength mean(uV-equiv)0-512
strongBlinkStrengthStd Static strong cleansingsc_bkh_sdNumber(float)Blink strength sd(uV-equiv)0-51.2
strongBlinkCount Static strong cleansingsc_bk_nNumber(int)Number of blink0-255
strongBlinkSwarmCount Static strong cleansingsc_bkg_nNumber(int)Number of times multiple blinks occurred within 1s0-255
strongBlinkIntervalAvg Static strong cleansingsc_bki_avNumber(float)Blink interval mean(s) *RMS average from FW2.2.00-51.2
strongBlinkIntervalCount Static strong cleansingsc_bki_nNumber(int)Number of blink interval0-255
cursorcursorStringStarting position to retrieve the next record if any.null / (string)

Fast-speed head movement data(fastHeadMotion)

This event counts the first direction and number of times when the head is turned left, right, up or down in a cycle of about 0.2 to 0.9 seconds. The number of times is counted up when the head moves back and forth in succession, and only the final value is returned when the continuous motion stops. The gyro sensor must be turned on to determine by rotation speed. This data is only generated when JINS MEME and a smartphone are connected via Bluetooth.

NameTypeDescriptionValue Range
dateStringEvent occurrence datetime1970-01-01 09:00:00 - 2106-02-07 06:28:16
typeStringEvent TypefastHeadMotion(fixed value)
subTypeStringdirectionright, left, up, down
valueNumberNumber of times (1 for one way)1-65535

Slow-speed head movement data(Tilt, slowHeadTilting)

This event occurs when the head is tilted from a straight position to the left or right or back and forth at least 45° and maintained for less than 1 second. This data is only generated when JINS MEME and a smartphone are connected via Bluetooth.

NameTypeDescriptionValue Range
dateStringEvent occurrence datetime1970-01-01 09:00:00 - 2106-02-07 06:28:16
typeStringEvent TypeslowHeadTilting(fixed value)
subTypeStringdirectionright, left, forward, backward
valueNumberStart/end flag1(Transition from straight to tilted)
-1(Transition from tilted to straight)

Slow-speed head movement data(Rotation, slowHeadRotation)

This event is the count of the number of times you make one round every 3-5 seconds while tilting your head at least 45° (start judging from the downward direction in the forward direction). This data is only generated when JINS MEME and a smartphone are connected via Bluetooth.

NameTypeDescriptionValue Range
dateStringEvent occurrence datetime1970-01-01 09:00:00 - 2106-02-07 06:28:16
typeStringEvent TypeslowHeadRotation(fixed value)
subTypeStringdirectionclockwise, anticlockwise
valueNumbernumber of rotations1