Slack integration (beta)

With a simple setup, you can implement automatic control of DnD (stop notifications) and status changes for Slack services using JINS MEME data.

Linkage functions provided

Automatic turn on of DnD (Don’t disturb, stop notification function)

Based on immersion data measured by JINS MEME, DnD is automatically turned on when immersion >= 60 (weighted average coefficient 0.7), and notifications from Slack are stopped for 2 minutes (notifications will continue to stop when immersion >= 60).

Automatic reflection of status

Using the information measured by JINS MEME, the status icon will automatically change every 2 minutes as follows.

Condition(Priority is given from the top)Emoji
Stability >= 80 AND Immersion >= 60
Stability >= 80 AND Immersion < 60🙂
Stability < 80 AND Immersion >= 60😳
Tension >= 60🤯
Low arousal >= 60😪
Other than above👓

Also, values are set in the order of immersion, stability, tension, and low arousal in the status comment, as in F34 C64 T42 S14.

How to set it up

Perform the login to your JINS account and click from a browser logged into Slack.

Select “Configure” under “Slack Notification Settings”.


Enter information and tap “Allow” to complete the linkage


If you are not logged in, or if the workspace you wish to connect to is different, select “Add another workspace” from the selector at the top of the screen and enter the necessary information for the workspace you wish to link to.

Due to Slack’s policy that services using biometric data cannot be made official, you will see a note that says “Slack has not yet verified or approved this app.” This does not affect the operation of this app.

Due to the limitations of the Slack API, changes may not be reflected if the number of users is large. Please refer to Slack’s Rate Limits document for details.

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